Why Venture Capital via Technology as the currency make sense.

The level of congruence between a given health technology-based venture and the mandate of venture capital is highly variable, explaining why some types of innovation may never come into existence. While venture capitalists’ like  The Precenodith Group,  mandate and worldview are extraneous to healthcare, we can shape health technologies in several tangible ways.  AI, Deep learning,  eMedicine, Teledentistry, research with data sets, and many others. Clinical leaders and health policy scholars are playing a more active role in innovation policy. Because certain types of technology are more likely than others to help tackle the intractable problems of healthcare systems, public policies should be equipped to promote those that address the needs of a growing elderly population, support patients who are afflicted by chronic diseases and reduce health disparities.

How it works

Precenodith as a  venture partner will not be involved in the day-to-day operations or investment decisions of the firm. The Precenodith Group has a strategic role with the company, mainly involving bringing new deal flow, technology platforms, assets, business structure and take to market strategies. We will be compensated via partial ownership or carry interest, which is a percentage of the returns that funds or assets make once you cash out of the opportunity.

Here are some key considerations for Precenodith when evaluating a potential involvement in a project:

Venture capital’s niche exists because of the structure and rules of capital markets. Someone with an idea or a new technology often has no other institution to turn to. Usury laws limit the interest banks can charge on loans—and the risks inherent in start-ups usually justify higher rates than allowed by law. Thus bankers will only finance a new business to the extent that there are hard assets against which to secure the debt. And in today’s information-based economy, many start-ups have few hard assets. This is where The Precondition Group comes in.  We provide tangible assets for/with the company.  This helps the product get launched, demos built, and market strategies started.  In addition it provides the startup with real life assets to perfect their product, therefore attracting larger investor monies. We have providers in virtually every market and a significant global reach. Our Advisers are some of the best in the industry.