The Precenodith Group

A Medical Technologies company providing products and services for:

  • Telehealth
  • Telemental Health
  • Teledental Health
  • Preventative Diagnostics
  • Transnational Research

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Telehealth Solutions

Senior Care Facilities Private Video Conferencing allows health care professionals a private and confidential HIPAA Compliant solution. Great for Teledentistry.


We are an importer and distributor for medical products from all over the world. We also offer Virus and Microbial solutions to Hospitals, Clinics, and other large facilities.

Autonomic and Vascular Function Assessments

For the early detection of chronic diseases and its main complications. We provide a hardware & software solution for Health Professionals.


Video nystagmography (VNG) is a study used to clinically evaluate patients with dizziness, vertigo, or balance dysfunction. Identify dizziness and potential falling risks early.

Behavioral Health

This platform offers a confidential strategy that is amazingly effective for Behavioral Health providers offering a ”safe” place to help their patients. We have developed an ease of use and high def solution that helps the patient feel “present”.

Mobile Progressive Web App

We have been in the mobile space for many years. We develop, host, design, and sell Progressive Web Apps. No download needed and integrated mobile assets. Great for Health professionals with a large customer base.

Private Video Conferencing

We have built a Video Conferencing platform in a private cloud. This platform is not connected with any other online video conferencing platform and exists in a private cloud under your complete control.

A Video Educational Teaching Platform

Private Cloud Based Video Classroom inclusive of Online instructional tools. A very secure platform designed for a private integration. We made it HIPAA compliant so Health professionals can use it.

"In these unprecedented times, Privacy and Security are paramount, especially online. I want everyone to benefit from advanced technologies, knowing their online presence is respected, confidential & safe."

Products and Services Available

“Our value proposition is to significantly improve data organization, increase productivity, and enhance efficiency by providing solutions to the medical industry.”

Sid Acker  Co-Managing Member

"Watching the changing landscape of the medical industry I realize we are poised to be one of the industry leaders in preventative and informative medical solutions."

Denise Nolan

Director and Member The Precenodith Group 


President & Owner

Preventative Diagnostic Service Turnkey LLC

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